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Autistics Anonymous

Because We Are Everywhere.

Professional Autistic Inclusion Specialist

Autistic Everyday

Through lived experience as an autistic woman, wife, and mother, Daisy Montgomery takes autistic and neurotypical readers alike on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and acceptance.

Hi, I'm Daisy!


I'm a seasoned, award-winning advocate, educator, and speaker in the autism community, bringing my experience and humor to events and podcasts. Starting from kindergarten, I now perform at venues like NYC's People's Improv Theater and the Autism Resource Fair at Colorado State University. My storytelling, featured in outlets like Medium and Motherly, resonates globally through podcasts such as Seven Days a Geek and The Uninformative Years.


As a writer, I've contributed to anthologies like Favorite Stories from the Tale Spinner's Lounge and authored Autistic Everyday, offering a unique perspective.


Recognized with awards like the Dorothy Lasley Memorial Award, I have a lasting impact on the autistic community. Inspired by my journey with autism spectrum disorder, I founded Autistics Anonymous LLC to dispel myths and promote understanding. My workshops and speeches are powerful catalysts for change, fostering compassion and inspiring action. I am more than a speaker; I embody hope and highlight the positive impact of enlightenment and acceptance in the autistic community and beyond.

Looking for an #actuallyautistic ADHDer who knows the struggles, triumphs, and hilarity of being neurodivergent? Looking for someone that GETS IT?

My friend, you've come to the right place.

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Why you should work with me?

I’m actually autistic.
I am raising an autistic child.
My spouse is also autistic.
My learning and development experience will help your organization get to the next level.

You're wanting to understand the autistic experience and create meaningful processes around support - but you're not sure where to start.


Start with the autistic community - start with me.
With my 34 years of lived experience, and my extensive background in program management and learning and development, I create impactful trainings, keynotes, and neuro-inclusive processes for corporations, small businesses, and schools of all sizes.


Take your organization to the next level and gain valuable reputational currency in the neurodivergent community - book a call with me today! 

How it works?

To kick things off, we'll dive into a coffee chat, a place where we really get to understand one another, but also make sure that we are aligned in values.

Next, depending on your personal or professional needs, we will walk through my process of how I plan to help you reach the outcomes you are striving for. Every step of the way you can be assured that you will receive consistent communication and support from the moment you book a session with me until the deliverables are handed off. If you're looking for white-glove service, you've come to the right place!


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For Autistics

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ready to take your autism understanding to the next level?

Book a complimentary Coffee Chat.

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Choosing to Work with Us? You're in Good Company! 

Here are just a few of our clients!

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Wayne T. - Shepardson Elementary School Principal

Daisy spoke to our whole staff about the human experience of living with autism. Her message was a personal one, delivered from her heart and filled with personal anecdotes and hard data around growing up – and living with – autism. It’s a powerful message, one that framed our work as a school with a highly inclusive, center-based autism program. Teachers were moved and inspired by her story. Daisy also stayed and took questions from our staff, sharing her thoughts and feelings with a raw honesty that speaks to her desire to impact systemic educational and life changes for the autistic community. We’re starting the year excited and motivated to make a difference in the lives of our students! Thank you, Daisy!

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Interested in taking your organization's inclusivity to the next level? Autistic and would like support with career coaching? A parent who wants to understand the autistic perspective?

Reach out and let's get started!

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